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Simran Khan Web Series

Welcome all of you to our website. In today’s post, we will know about Simran Khan’s most popular web series and we will also know how many web series she has made. You have come to the right website to get this information. Simran Khan is an Indian actress, she is also a model along with actress, she started her career with web series. And he has started his web series with a big OTT platform Ullu App. Her first web series which was created by Ullu, “Palangtod caretaker” it was a successful web series, since then she has got a lot of fame. She is working with Ullu these days and we look forward to seeing new web series. List of all popular web series of Simran Khan given below.

Through this post you will know all about Simran Khan’s most popular web series.

Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series 2020

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

The story begins in such a way that Babuji is unwell and the doctor comes to see him. Doctor Saheb says that there is nothing to be afraid of, due to weak point this occurs often, however it would be better if you rent a caretaker for them. Ispe Babuji’s son says that he is aware of a caretaker. The next day his son brings a caretaker to take care of his babuji.

Due to the caretaker being hot and bold, Babuji’s sound asleep Armaan wakes up once more and when the caretaker goes to take a bath, he hides to see her.

The twist in the story comes when Babuji sees his son enjoying with the caretaker and then he learns that the caretaker is genuinely his son’s girlfriend.

Now Babuji tries to experience with the caretaker and starts offevolved blackmailing the caretaker.

Here Babuji’s daughter-in-law, who is upset due to the fact of not getting pleasure from her husband, tells her Babuji that something you need, I want it too. On hearing this, Babuji’s happiness is aware of no bounds and this is where the internet series ends.

It has to be considered how lengthy Babuji’s kite can fly in the sky except cutting it. 

Lovely Massage Parlour (Part 1 & 2,3)

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

The story of this internet collection is pretty different. In this show, Anupama has given very daring and intimate scenes as always, which you cannot see with family. In this bold web series, there is a story of such girls who work to give body massage. Along with this, the work of prostitution additionally goes on in this parlor. In this net series, two female are shown giving sandwich rub down to girl clients. Lovely Massage Parlor tells the story of a lady whose father is now not in this world. She works as a rubdown woman in a parlor for a ill mother and a dysfunctional brother. There are many such scenes in this net sequence which have created a lot of sensation. It is additionally a lesbian primarily based story. 

Blackmail Palang Tod 2022

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

In the starting of the trailer of Blackmail Palang Tod internet series, we see that a married female talks about getting divorced from her husband. And then her husband goes out for a few days. The story progresses a bit and we see that the married female has a first-rate friend. And that married woman tells her about the divorce from her husband. Hearing this, she tells the woman that you have taken the proper position.

In the subsequent scene, we see that an intimate scene is shown between the married woman and her friend. Which is recorded in a phone. And the son of that lady sees that video. Then one day the boy goes to his mother’s friend’s house. After this there is an intimate scene between them too. Recording it on the phone, she blackmails that boy.

What happens next in the story? To comprehend this, you have to watch this web collection in its entirety, which you can watch via journeying Ullu’s platform. 

Video Calling Hotspot Ullu web series 2021

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

An unknown girl tries to woo the father son by way of video calling. Both father and son get lost in their phrases and it occurs that he used to be afraid. The lady makes MMS of both of them by means of video calling and then a boy blackmails them. The boy talks about making his video viral and demands a hefty quantity for not doing so. When the father tries to seize the female and the blackmailer as quickly as possible, the son turns into very frustrated with this. It is shown at the end of the trailer that he also tries to commit suicide. However, how successful he is in this, you will comprehend solely after watching both the episodes. 

Manjulika Rabbit Web Series 2021

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

story revolved around a newly marriage couple. On the first night time husband amazed when her spouse trun into ghost. See full episode what befell after that? 

Shukranu Primeshots Web Series

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

Shukranu net sequence story revolves round a couple. The wife needs to have a child however the husband is not prepared due to the fact of his black he thought his infant would be additionally black. He confronted many problems in his childhood that’s why he fears having a child. So he suggests the wife get physical with some good-looking man. She agrees to it and gets intimate with any other man. After that, she obtained a child whether or not the baby will be white or black. To know watch the Shukranu web series on PrimeShots App.

Moh Rabbit Web Series 2021

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

The plot is about a girl who is caught with problems. She has to take a daring decision and make a choice. Things take an sudden turn as she experiments new things. Her want for love and commitment are always affected with the aid of others. Can she discover happiness and believe in the new choice? 

Blue Tick Primeshots web series 2021

Watch Simran Khan Web Series Online for Free without Download

The plot of the Blue Tick web series revolves around a young model who wishes to come to be a large actress and she wants to get blue tick on her Instagram profile. However, it turns into vastly hard to get the blue tick on Instagram. She meets a man who assures her to get blue tick established on Instagram. 

Siyapa Primeshots Web Series 2021

Siyapa net sequence plot revolves round a father and son. The trailer indicates that the father desires to marry Aliya as a last desire in spite of having a wife. They brought Aliya as a Danish wife. Later the trailer suggests that Aliya received pregnant after that the father’s spouse displays that she was once additionally going to be a mother. This creates confusion between all of them. To know who is the true father and what used to be the confusion watch the Siyapa web series. 

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Through this post, all of you got to know about all the web series of Simran Khan and also know about the popular web series of Simran Khan.

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