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Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

If you do not know the popular Sonu Kumar of Bihar, then let us tell you that Sonu Kumar is a resident of Neema Kaul village of Nalanda district.  Sonu is 11 years old, he worked hard to meet the Chief Minister of Bihar.  He wanted to tell his problem to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.  But at that time the Chief Minister of Bihar could not meet him.

 Then at some point he met Sonu in some program and Sonu requested Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to get him admitted in a good school to study, let us tell you that Sonu Kumar used to study in a government school but there  Due to poor studies, he could not study.

He had to study in a private school, but his family did not have enough money to teach him in a private school. Sonu appealed to Nitish Kumar to make arrangements for his studies. At that time Nitish Kumar consoled him that we would make arrangements and  Saying that you will get a good education, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar left from there.  Sonu Kumar waited for a long time that my admission would be done in a good school but it did not happen.

Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

 Then after some time a reporter named Amit Kashyap interviewed Sonu Kumar on YouTube.  And Sonu Kumar was very confident and answered his questions, he told how bad the education of Bihar is, he urged Nitish Kumar to improve the education of Bihar.  And Sonu Kumar also teaches children and takes ₹ 100 per month from them as fees because they have to run the house, this is why we are saying this.

Because when Amit Kashyap interviewed him, he told that his father drinks alcohol and wastes all the money in alcohol, due to which there is a shortage of money in his house.  And he comes from a poor family, that is why Sonu Kumar runs the house by teaching tuitions to the children.  He is the eldest son of his parents, so Sonu Kumar teaches 30 children in his tuition who study in a lower class than him.  teach to

Sonu Sood helped Sonu Kumar

Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

When Sonu Kumar’s video went viral on social media, he saw that the video with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has gone viral and Sonu Kumar is appealing to improve the system of education in Bihar.  And when Sonu Sood saw that video, he has assured to help Sonu Kumar on his Twitter handle, he said.

 Ideal International Public School BIHTA (Patna) of Patna for Sonu Kumar’s studies I will get admission in a good international school and also provide him hostel accommodation facility free of cost and he wants Sonu Kumar to read and write his parents’ name  Illuminate.  Let us tell you that even during the time of Karona, Sonu Sood has helped everyone.  Because at the time of Karo Na Kaal there were more and more people of Bihar in it. And they have taken them to their destination. That’s why people of Bihar like them very much.  Some people consider him to be God as well, we are not saying that we have got information from the people of Bihar that they also do many business there by the name of Sonu Sood.

How much does Sonu Kumar want to study?

Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

Let us tell you that Manish Kashyap, a popular and well-known news reporter from Bihar had interviewed Sonu Kumar, then he told that he has to study IAS and he wants to serve the country.  That’s why they are urging the Chief Minister to fix the school system of Bihar properly and give good education to the children.

What did Lalu Prasad say to Sonu?

Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

When Lalu Prasad’s son Tej Pratap asked Sonu Kumar what do you want to be when you grow up.  So Sonu Kumar replied that I want to study IAS and want to serve my country.  And after that Tej Pratap said that you work hard and study diligently, one day you will definitely become an IAS officer and he said that by the time you become an IAS, then my government will be formed in Bihar, after that you work for me.  Sonu Kumar says that “I will not work under anyone, I will serve the country and do my duty honestly”.  And at the same time Lalu Prasad’s son Tej Pratap gets angry and he leaves from there and this thing starts spreading very fast all over the social media and was making a lot of headlines.

Manish Kashyap asked Sonu Kumar such a question, after hearing that Sonu Kumar would be worried?

Viral Boy Sonu (Nalanda) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Education & More

Friends, let me tell you guys that Manish Kashyap asked Sonu Kumar such a question that Sonu Kumar would be worried after hearing that, let me tell you guys what question did Manish Kashyap ask that you have complained about your father.  Sonu Kumar gave such an answer to Manish Kashyap that your father drinks alcohol, after hearing that Manish Kashyap got dizzy.

 Due to which it is difficult to run the house and I can not get education, his father says that you should study in government school but Sonu Kumar does not want to study in government school because the system there is bad. He has said that there should be a liquor ban in Bihar.  So it is gone, but there should be more and more embroidery on it and those who drink alcohol should be taught a lesson, during this Manish Kashyap says that your father also consumes alcohol.

So what to do with him, only then Sonu Kumar says that if he wants to put him in jail then you can put him, I will not say anything on this, then Manish Kashyap is surprised that a son wants to put his father in jail.  That’s when Sonu Kumar says that he wants his father to get a lesson, what will happen if he stops drinking alcohol.

 We will also spend money on studies and we will get a good education, only then Manish Kashyap says with a smile that we will convey this matter to the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar and the prohibition of liquor in Bihar will be embroidered even faster, so that more like Sonu Kumar  Children whose father drinks alcohol will be punished more and the future of those children will be saved.

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