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Jackie Shroff Wiki | Age, Wife, Children, Family, Lifestory, Net Worth Biography & More


He is affectionately addressed as Jaggu Dada. He is Jackie Shroff. His parents named him Jaikishan Kakabhai. Jackie was born on 1 February 1957. His father Shri Kakabhai Haribhai Shroff was an astrologer.  and was from the state of Gujarat. His mother was actually from Turkey, Kazakhstan. After leaving Turkey, his mother and grandmother lived in Ladakh for some time.

 And then Delhi and then Mumbai. In Mumbai, he met Kakabhai Haribhai Shroff. Though Jaggu Dada’s father belonged to a wealthy family, he was rejected by his family due to loss in business. And then he moved to Teen Batti, Malabar Hill, Mumbai. The whole family lived in one room. At the age of 10, a shocking incident happened in his family.

His elder brother who worked in a mill and was always ready to give his life for the death of his younger brother. Actually his brother had gone to work. And his father had predicted that his eldest son should not go to work that day. When he left for work, he saw someone drowning in the lake. Despite knowing that he did not know how to swim, he jumped.

 And he drowned. It was a great shock to his family.  But young Jackie Shroff somehow recovered and moved on. Jackie Shroff actually used to work in a travel agency. One day he was waiting for the bus at the bus stop when a man came to him and said why don’t you become a model. And then Jackie Shroff remembered that his father who is an astrologer had also said that he would enter mass media or become an actor.


Her sudden meeting with a modeling agent took her into the modeling world. Jackie Shroff knew that he wanted to become an actor, so he started taking acting classes as well. He had met Sunil Anand in his acting classes. Sunil Anand whose father was the great director, producer Dev Anand. He asked his friend Sunil to introduce him to Dev Anand. 

He met Dev Anand and got a role in the film ‘Swami Dada’. Jackie Shroff was doing a small role when Subhash Ghai gave him a break in ‘Hero’. His heroine was Meenakshi Sheshadri. When I cast him as a hero, I met him, talked to him. And I asked him if he would audition. He said, “No, I don’t want to audition, sir.”  “I cannot say anything.”

So I said you can talk. And I turned on the camera. I provoked him to talk and he replied accordingly. So he came to my office the next day. I called him at 12 o’clock. I said Jackie you are the hero of my film. After ‘Hero’ he played lead roles in ‘Karma’, ‘Ram Lakhan’ and ‘Sachche Ka Domino’. And he made a good pair with Anil Kapoor.

 Apart from doing commercial films, Jackie Shroff was also seen in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Kash’ where he played a strong character. In his personal life we ​​find that he has two children. He married Ayesha Shroff who is half French and half Bengali. He also met her at the bus stop. Soon they become good friends at school. Both must have been 13-14 years old. And later this friendship turned into marriage.

Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff also made his debut with the film ‘Heropanti’. And if someone addresses him as Tiger’s father then he is happy. Jackie Shroff has seen many ups and downs. And even today, he speaks openly to the media in commercial films and in time-focused films. As Main Lead and Second Lead.  Jackie Shroff has always left his mark. Apparently Jackie Shroff is the worst actor in Indian cinema. You can also read our other posts to know about the life of talented people. 

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