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Emraan Hashmi Wiki | Age, Wife, Children, Family, Lifestory, Net Worth Biography & More


Emraan Hashmi Wiki. He acted so well that everyone said that he is the king of kisses. Serial kisser. This story is of famous actor Emraan Anwar Hashmi. He was born on 24 March 1979. He graduated from Mumbai University. And then he started thinking what to do next. His family asks him to go to Mahesh Bhatt who is a relative and becomes an assistant director. Emraan Hashmi was working as an assistant director.

Whenever Emraan Hashmi would go on the sets and pretend to work, Mahesh Bhatt would get a little upset by this. Emraan Hashmi was often asked to call actors.  The shot is ready. You are an assistant director.  Emraan Hashmi won’t even do that. When he saw his ego, Mahesh Bhatt felt that there was something in this boy. He’s not afraid of the stars and he doesn’t do any work. Let’s make him an actor.

Emraan Hashmi’s family asked how will you make him an actor. Emraan Hashmi himself said that I do not want an actor. But Mahesh Bhatt followed him and launched him. He made his debut with the film ‘Footpath’ in 2003. It was made by Vikram Bhatt. Now the audience and you will tell us about our performance. After that till morning he fell in love with Mallika Sherawat. Yes, in the 2004 film ‘Murder’.


And it rocked the box office. Yes, even the big films of 2004 could not do ‘Murder Ne Kya Kiya.’ And then ‘Zeher’ and ‘Gangster’ were released. And people came to know that Emraan Hashmi has become a serial kisser. Emraan Hashmi’s films continued to perform well at the box office. After that he also acted in those films where the heroine had a bigger role than him. Like ‘The Dirty Picture’. Along with the second film.

There’s still a lot to come after Silk and Ibrahim. Part ways in ‘The Dirty Picture’. He did both thrillers and romantic comedies. So we are doing in ‘Ghanchakkar’ what we could not do in ‘The Dirty Picture’. And it’s a great chemistry again. Lots of fights. And then he did a film that created history. That was ‘Once Upon a Time Mumbai’. Ajay Devgan worked with him in this film.  I am sure this will be my biggest success.

While trying to change his image, Emraan Hashmi signed a film based on a foreign film. I just feel that the kind of role I have not done, the special thing is that Emraan Hashmi’s father Anwar Hashmi himself was an actor who worked in 1968’s ‘Bahar Ki Manzil’. And his maternal grandmother Mehrabano Mohammad Ali, who was popularly known as Poornima in films, was also an actress. Later Mehrabano Mohammad Ali aka Poornima married director Bhagwandas Das Varma.


And Poornima Shirin was the sister of Muhammad Ali.  And Shireen Mohammed Ali is the mother of Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. Emraan Hashmi’s cousin Mohit Suri is Pooja Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.  In his personal life we ​​find that he married Parveen Sahni. In the year 2006. They married after a long affair. They had a son named Ayaan Hashmi. His son was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Thankfully he recovered after a long treatment. And when you have your own son, you have your own child, then you become more connected.

His mother Mahera Hashmi passed away on 11 March 2016. Emraan Hashmi canceled a day of his shooting but he did not want to delay his film ‘Azhar’ so he soon returned to the sets. He also launched a book named ‘Kiss of Life’. It is about his son and his victorious battle with cancer. Obviously Emraan Hashmi is one of those stars who have made their place untouchable. He neither fears nor dominates anyone. Although he always kisses his heroines. You guys are welcome to know about the life of talented people.

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