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Asha Bhosle Wiki | Age, Family, Lifestory, Singing Career, Net Worth, Biography & More


Best Versatile Singer Asha Bhosle. He was born on 8 September 1933.  Although Asha had seen music and drama in her family from the beginning but it was a distant thought that she would be a playback singer.  Asha’s father Late Dinanath Mangeshkar had also made a different identity in singing. 

 And he was a great scholar. Once she went to school with her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar. At that time only Lata went to school. And Asha was a quiet young man.  And when Lata took her younger sister to her class, the teacher scolded both the girls.


And that two children cannot attend for one’s fee. Both of them returned home crying. And then there father Deenanath Mangeshkar said. That I will not send my girls to school where teachers make my daughters cry. And thus he started studying at home.

Asha did not go to school and made her an elder sister. Leave school too. Slowly Asha Bhosle started searching for her area. After the father’s departure, all the responsibilities were born to the elder sister Lata Mangeshkar. Asha Bhosle also wanted to help him.

However, something happened during that time which interrupted communication with his family. Actually Asha got married because of this, her family got angry. She married Ganpatrao Bhosale. And after that Asha Bhosle started singing playback songs.

This was the period when Shamshad Begum Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar were at their peak. And it was difficult to carve out one’s own place in such conditions. And then made great use of the voices of legendary composers Sachin Dev Burman and Omkar Prasad Nayyar aka OP Nayyar Asha Bhosle.

She was given different types of songs and it proved that even Asha is no less than anyone. It is worth mentioning that when Asha Bhosle went to learn music she told her teacher who teaches me songs which would enable me to earn money. I have to take care of my children.

And then the teacher said that learn light music. If you focus only on classical music, you will be missing out on light music. And that’s how Asha entered the singing business. It is also famous that at that time there was a very strict music director.

His name was Sajjad Hussain. Even the biggest singers used to get nervous in front of him. And in such a situation, Asha told Sajjad Hussain that I do not know the song. I will learn whatever you teach me. I sing so that I can take care of my family.

On this Sajjad Hussain said that I will not scold you. Don’t worry. If you don’t know how to sing, I’ll teach you properly. And thus Asha saved herself too. Once upon a time Asha’s voice was spoken only on girls playing supporting roles.

Singing Career

And soon for the voice of big heroine Tarsengi Asha it was also thought that Asha should be used only for peppy songs but in relation to Gambhir and romantic songs Asha proved everyone wrong. She moved in time and separated from her husband. But she continued to take care of her children. 

 “Slowly over time she reached a turning point when she married Rahul Dev Burman. They went through similar ordeals like other married couples. Asha Bhosle was adamant about cleanliness. Everything should be kept properly.  And RD Burman used to get irritated by this. 

So once RD Burman gifted her a bouquet and offer flowers on her birthday. And put a broom in the middle.  And said, hope you have a happy birthday. Once he even gave her a gold bangle with a small broom hanging on it. To make him feel that the cleaning lady you have to keep the broom with you.  

On one hand Asha Bhosle was winning various awards and achieving national and international fame while on the other hand there were increasing struggles in her life. RD Burman passed away in the 90s.  Asha Bhosle took care of herself. And his daughter Varsha also committed suicide. Asha never put her grief in front of the world. 

She always used to say that if I stick to my sorrow, how will I be able to move forward?  Asha Bhosle has been awarded many times for playback singing.  Be it ‘Dum Maro Dum’ song ‘Piya Tu Ab To Aa Jaa’. It is also said that when Khayyam refused to sing a song in front of Asha from the film ‘Umrao Jaan’.  

Khayyam wanted to present Asha’s voice in a new way.And Hope was not ready for this. And then it was decided that the song would be recorded in both genres. And the style that looks good will be used to record other songs. And then Asha had to accept what Khayyam had said earlier. 

Because that style proves to be the most unique. And even today Asha Bhosle is the only voice of ‘Umrao Jaan’. Be it classical music or ghazals. Light music or peppy songs. He did justice to all genres of music. Past music directors, SD Burman, OP Nayyar. Or Laxmikant Pyarelal Shankar Jaikishan or the changing age musicians Jatin Lalit Anu Malik or AR Rahman. 

Asha had worked with music directors of all ages. We can’t stop talking about his voice and personality. Asha Bhosle has a proud place in Indian history. Know about the unique stories of great personalities You can read our other posts.