Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Full Episode Watch on Netflix App

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Full Episode Watch on Netflix App

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Full Episode Watch on Netflix App
Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Full Episode Watch on Netflix App

Hello everyone welcome to  as you might have guessed from the title  In today's article I am going  to tell you exactly when and what  you will see the time to come Web Series Yeh Kali RK on Netflix well let me tell you guys that its trailer released Last week and so far trailer Has received 19 million views guys can you imagine.

The kind of promotion of this web series is already Is  so if you want to know exactly when it is web series is going to be released so make  You must watch this article till the end let's start Yakali Kaliyaki is a romantic thriller drama series and it's original netflix. Which is directed by Siddharth Sengupta

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Story

It Has Tahiraj Passing Sweetatrapati and Arjun Singh in lead roles but this There are also many lead actors in side role like arun singh Now coming to the main story that line This web series is going well to show a love triangle but a . Of  different kind where a small town boy  Tahiraj, played by Basin, falls in love.

Played with a girl in his college  Shweta Trapati then her college view and he becomes a couple.  But then a very powerful politician.  Betty gets played by Anshul Singh  Attracted to Tahir and she loves him.  He doesn't need to know about any cost  boy loves her or not  she just doesn't want to make him her own  And she manages to bring him under.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Watch Online

Clutches using his power and position but  Then Tahir starts suffocating and  just to retrieve and retrieve their freedom of life. He chooses to adopt something dark and drastic measures so that his hands may also bleed Now I believe that we have seen such a conspiracy  and uh the story line in the previous movies as  just like shahrukh khan's cha hat but that being said this series.

Still looks very interesting from its trailer maybe because of different  and amazing starcast uh the contemporary approach to the story and I have a the feeling that something is going to happen Twists and surprises in the series. We Still Can't Guess From Its Trailer  Now coming to the main point which is  right when this series is gonna happen.  Release on netflix first let me tell  aap ki series is going to release  it's january 14.

Yeh kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Filmyzilla

Friday ”  and uh netflix usually releases it  Original content from mid-March  early November at 12:30 pm and for the rest of the year uh 1 30 pm so this  january is right so you guys tell me  when is it going to be released  yes you guessed it.  It is going to release from January 1:30 pm  Not on Netflix though  Official announcement from Netflix  looking at the pattern in the side but uh  what they are releasing its content um it is certain that you will get  uh see  Series 1 from 30 PM ISD uh 14th.

January so you can start binge-watching.  All episodes of this web series.  January 14 at 1:30 pm so this is  video friends if you like this video  and found it informative then make  Make sure you give us a big thumbs up too Tell me in the comments how excited  are you there to release the series  all can see Updates about movies and web series by  watch our videos here i will watch  until you in another video it's me Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Web Series Full Episode Watch on Netflix

in this is Shweta Tripathi and uh now i'm going to review the first episode of Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein which i watch just right now and i'll give you a full review of the entire series afterwards but right now i'll just give a quick review uh so uh the series is a mixture of drama thrill romance and all of it uh and all the acting by the uh actors is done really amazing i'll come to that uh later but first let me tell you that the first episode starts with uh vikrant.

The character played by Tahir Raj Bhasin is in a very deserted place where nobody is there and some people are behind him to kill him most probably where he narrates his date of birth and all of that and then say when it comes to a date of death he says that maybe it's today then we are shown the childhood of vikrant where purva the daughter of the infamous political dawn akira chavasti. wants to be friends with vikrant but vikrant doesn't want to because every time purva crosses path with him something bad happens to him so.

that's why he didn't uh he didn't want to become friends with uh purva in his childhood and purva also went different paths uh after that uh but after 15 years purvas again returns back and she uh really likes vikrant and wants to be with him so that's how we will see how vikrant juggles between his current uh love life purva his uh struggle to get a proper job and all of that will be seen in the entire uh season talking about the performance of the actors well all of them are doing a fantastic job uh everyone uh have gotten in the into the character.

Completely and are doing complete. justice to the role they are playing uh the direction is also done very nicely uh because uh it is giving us a thrill factor to know like what is uh going to happen next uh we are always wanting to know more what will happen next uh so it's it's really thrilling for me uh so i'm looking forward to see the rest of the episodes and i'll give you a full review of the entire uh season one of kali Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein so for that you need to stay tuned to bollywood bug i'll give an entire review so till then stay tuned and stay safe.

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